The Barbarians

Two barbarian powers are in open conflict with the Roman Imperium.

The Germanic Tribes

The hobgoblin tribes of Germania inhabit the deep woods northeast of Gallia. Less centrally organized than the Celtic tribes of Gallia or Hispania and openly hostile to humans, the Germanic tribes are proving fairly impossible to assimilate. With the conquest of Gallia, the Germanic tribes have become an open threat to the frontier of the Imperium. After several raids upon Gallic villages, the Roman Senate voted in 548 to pursue open eradication of the hobgoblin tribes from the border lands of Gaul, and the region has been in open war since. It has been bloody, as even the mighty Roman Legions struggle to score anything more than a fleeting victory against the loosely organized but numerous hobgoblin tribes fighting in the dense forests of their homeland. The Germanic warriors are skilled at guerrilla tactics and have proven a trying foe for the frontier legions.

The Parthian Empire

The Persian elves of the Parthian Empire have begun to spread westward from their ancient home (in modern Iran, see map of Parthian Empire here) to contest growing Roman influence in Armenia and Mesopotamia. In 539, the Parthians halted an eastward advance of the Roman Legions into Mesopotamia by soundly defeating a force led by General Marcus Crassus. Despite being outnumbered nearly four to one, the skilled Parthians warriors defeated seven Roman legions and auxiliaries, captured Crassus, and sent the Roman force fleeing to Syria. Soon after, a Parthian force deposed the human King of Armenia, a client vassal of Rome, and replaced him with their own client ruler. Parthian armies now operate freely within Armenia, using the region as a buffer against the Roman Imperium, as they strike with increasing frequency across the Euphrates into Syria and Cappadocia, only to fade back to their lands without permanently conquering any territory. While the hobgoblins of Germania represent a far more numerous foe, the Parthian elves are far better organized and skilled, and are regarded by Rome as the most formidable threat to the Imperium’s eastern territories. For now at least, it appears the Parthians are content to keep Rome far from the core of their ancient homeland. But the Euphrates border is an increasingly fraught region, now home to numerous Legionary forces facing east with tense suspicion.

Other Barbarian Peoples

Nomadic elven tribes inhabit the desert lands of Arabia. Skilled horseman.

Fierce halfling tribes of Caledonia inhabit the northern highlands of Britannia, and ferociously resist Roman incursions into their lands. Fighting with axe and bow and adorned in traditional warpaint, their armies have pushed back any efforts to pacify their lands.

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The Barbarians

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