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Races of the Roman World

Click here to read about the various Races of the Roman World.

An Introduction to the Roman Republic

This campaign is set in a fantasy world analog of the historical Roman Republic.

The Imperium Romanum

In the 565 years since the founding of the Republic, Rome has spread outwards through military conquest and assimilation, and now rules an empire, the Imperium Romanum, ringing the Mediterranean Sea, known as the Mare Internum and extending north into Gallia and Brittania.

See Key Provinces and Peoples for details on the far-flung regions of the Imperium.

Refer to these three maps for provincial names, key cities, and roads throughout the Imperium:

Map 1
Map 2
Map 3

(Note to history buffs: the extent of the empire here is larger than that under the historic Republican period; this is fantasy remember!)


The Republic is ruled on the principles of consent of the governed and a separation of powers. Click here to read about the Government of the Republic.


Read about the Roman Pantheon.


See historic analog here.


The famed Roman Legions are the backbone of the Imperium’s military might. See historic details here.

Click here to read about the arms and armor of the Roman Legions. It will give you a feeling for the common weapons and armor of the era, and how they differ somewhat from the common medieval weapons that form the historic analogs for the core D&D 4e equipment.

Rome also maintained a formidable navy, which extended the Imperiums influence and protected commercial trade across the Mare Internum and the outer seas north of Hispania, Gallia and Brittania. Historic details here.

Barbarian Lands

See an introduction to the The Barbarians at the borders of the Imperium Romanum.

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